Buy RAE Tokens like a Pro

Buy RAE Tokens like a Pro

Follow the below steps to buy and hold RAE Tokens using UniSwap, Coinbase Pro, and the Coinbase Wallet app. This guide has 8 steps. However, 4 of them are a one-time account setup step.

Have USD Coin (USDC) in a Digital Wallet? Go trade RAE on UniSwap.

Setting Up Coinbase Pro

(if you have Coinbase already skip to Step 5)

  1. ( 1 min) Download the Coinbase Pro app, or go to Coinbase Pro on your computer, and Get Started. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro use the same account, but you will pay significantly less fees using Coinbase Pro.

  2. (5–10 min) You will do a one-time verification of your identity. If you have trouble verifying on the app, try going to and using the same Username and Password.

  3. (Instant — 7 days) Deposit US Dollars from your bank to Coinbase Pro. How to from Coinbase here.

Buying USD Coin (USD) on Coinbase

  1. (1 min) In the Coinbase Pro app, do the following:
    a. Open the trading view.
    b. On the left-hand column under Wallet Balance, select Deposit.
    c. In the Currency Type field, select USD.
    d. Select the Bank Account tab
    e. Select the verified bank account you’d like to deposit from
    f. Enter the USD amount, and then select Deposit USD to confirm

For international transfers follow the Coinbase instructions.

Download a Digital Wallet that YOU Hold the Private Keys (non-custodial wallet)

  1. (1 min) You can use any non-exchange wallet, but we recommend using the Coinbase Wallet app. Create a new wallet and back it up following the steps on-screen. Backing up is important, so take your time.

  1. (1 min) In the Coinbase Wallet app, click Receive on the main screen, then type in RAE. Copy your address to your clipboard.

Move USD Coin(USDC) to your Digital Wallet

  1. (1–10 mins to arrive) In the Coinbase Pro app, click Withdraw, then click USDC, then click Crypto Address. Paste in the address of your Coinbase Wallet where it says “Enter wallet address here.” Type the amount of USDC you have in the Amount box. Click Withdraw USDC.

Buy RAE from UniSwap

  1. (1–20 mins to confirm the swap) You can do this from any browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari). The Coinbase Wallet app also has a browser (bottom middle tab — looks like 4 squares).
  • Go to Uniswap and select USDC in the top box and RAE in the bottom box. Enter the amount of USDC you want to trade for RAE.
  • Click Swap and then Confirm Swap.
  • The timing can vary. You will get a notification from the Coinbase Wallet app once your swap is complete.

Now you have RAE tokens in your wallet!

Found this guide helpful? Hit any snags? Please reach out right away to us on Twitter (RAEToken) or by email ( You are probably not the only one having the issue or a question and we are here to help.

It still needs to be easier to buy and sell.

Agreed that it needs to be easier. People want to buy smaller amounts to start out. Gas fees have come down, but it still a lot if you are buying $50 of a token. Getting on an exchange will help.

Locking out small token buyers annoys me too. Gas is way down, but if someone wants to buy $10 worth of RAE and vote on future proposals, it shouldn’t be 50% fees.

I know a lot buyers that want to buy $1- $500.