Introducing RAE Enhancement Proposals (REPs)


Our mission is to build the best protocol to compensate creators, empower fans, and strengthen the direct connection between the two.

The RAE ecosystem achieves this goal by:

  1. using the RAE Token to distribute ecosystem value, and

  2. removing the interfering stakeholders of other models (e.g, advertisers and overbearing platforms.)

RAE Token is a payment infrastructure that allows creators to package their content with other creators, providing them with better economics and flexibility. It treats creators like founders of the network by providing them autonomy and has proven to be a better compensation model. This autonomy means creators can take breaks to avoid burnout and can try out different content without fear of losing their income overnight.

Simply put, creators are removed from the YouTube rat race and empowered to find their path with their fans. Learn more in the RAE Token Quick Intro.

Enhancement Areas of Focus

Enhancement policies are rules, features, or enhancements to the existing RAE ecosystem that are incepted, developed, and applied to the ecosystem.

These areas include but are NOT limited to:

  • RAE Tokenomics
  • RAE Platform (e.g., Rokfin) features/enhancements
  • Developer grants and bug bounties
  • Formation of a RAE Token community treasury
  • General community initiatives

RAE Ecosystem Enhancement Process:

The RAE ecosystem uses the RAE Token governance forums for the RAE Enhancement Proposal (REP) process. Voting on REPs is open to anyone holding RAE Token or xRAE on Snapshot.

RAE Enhancement Proposals (REP)

Any RAE community member can begin the RAE Enhancement Proposal (REP) process. The REP process is the framework that formalizes the community’s intent of improving the RAE ecosystem in terms of configuration and functionality.

(1) REP Creation

The first step is to post your proposal in the RAE Token Governance forum.

A typical REP Creation may take the following format:

  • Benefit: What is the goal for creating this proposal, and how can it improve the RAE ecosystem?
  • Cost: What resources are required for this enhancement? (RAE Token, Human Capital, etc.)
  • Methodology: Lay out your reasoning and how you envision this solution/proposal being executed. When able, please include expected timelines and milestones.

(2) REP Feedback

The next step is two (2) weeks allotted for community feedback and discussion. During this period, anyone holding 25k RAE (or the equivalent in xRAE) can advance the REP to the next step below.

Creators of the REP can always engage directly with community members and holders to drive the conversation. Any proposal with no comments/engagement will not move on to the next step.

The REP should be refined and polished based on feedback during this process.

(3) REP Vote

After community feedback, it’s time to upgrade to a finalized REP to vote on. Due to various limitations, such as business, legal or financial, the community may have to adjust the proposal accordingly. The core team will bucket the REP into either a low or high resource category.

Once created, it will be shared widely across RAE platforms, and voting will begin on Snapshot.

Voting Period:

  • Anywhere from 2 to 5 days

Requirements to Pass:

  • Low Resource quorum threshold is 15% of RAE Token circulating supply
  • High Resource quorum threshold is 20% of RAE Token circulating supply
  • When a quorum is met, the REP must receive at least 60% approval to pass
  • If a quorum is not met, the vote will fail.

(4) REP Execution

Once a proposal gets approved, based on the requirements, the core team will begin to execute the steps outlined in the proposal or help facilitate any community members in improving the RAE ecosystem!

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Good start. Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts here and optimizing as we go.

Thank you. A lot of work was put into that.

Look forward to seeing this process run on a few smaller items as we ramp up to bigger and bigger proposals and votes.