Proposal for Mint Rewards for Ghost Creators (via RSS)

RSS protocol is a prominent and established protocol for creators to leverage for distribution. It was started in 1999 but gained prominence in about 2006. Its existing infrastructure, brand, and decentralized nature make it perfect for RAE Token to incorporate.

Websites can use RSS feeds to publish frequently updated information episodes of audio and video series, or for distributing podcasts. An RSS document called “feed” or “channel” includes full or summarized text, and [metadata], like publishing date and author’s name. RSS formats are specified using a generic XML file.

Enabling creators to integrate RAE as the payment compensation protocol for their distribution automatically. To do so we have come up with a plan for creator to access the funds their content has generated.

Parts of the Integration:
There are two basic parts to enable this development is a creation of a temporary address associated with the RSS and then unlocking that address to the confirmed enabler of the RSS.

Part 1:
Create a temporary RAE address for each RSS.

Part 2:
Allow creators of the RSS to access RAE.

Actions Required by Ghost Creators:
Prove they control the RSS with two independent verifications.

Next Steps:
During the following month, we will make public the detailed requirements for this development. For the execution itself, given the high bar in terms of governance quorum for the upgrade of the affected process, we think it is realistic to proceed with the voting during the next following month, but this timeline could vary depending on how we see the potential voting involvement.

This is just an initial plan, so we appreciate feedback from the community, especially for those directly affected.

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Can you further define “Ghost Creators” so we are all on the same page with feedback?

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Ghost creators would be creators who publish to RSS and who receive compensation via tips or other contributions to the network with RAE but do not have a wallet to receive compensation.

These creators need to have a process to receive compensation and to claim their rewards.

Make sense?

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