July's RAE Vision - Topics + Questions from a Creator

What questions do you have for me that I can get to for the RAE vision meetup next week.

I have a few channels on Rokfin.

Hager’s Happy Hour

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Pulling in RSS will bring in 1000s of creators overnight. This will allow fans to easily tip those creators in RAE. Can a premium product be made with this feature to make the bundle stronger?

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What would you say are your biggest takeaways from participating in the web 3 platform like Rokfin via the RAE network vs other Web 2 platforms like YouTube/Facebook etc?

You were an early adopter to the RAE network. What was it that pushed you to go all-in (4+ channels) on this type of model?

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Good questions. What are some of the biggest questions Rokfin gets from creators asking about the network?

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A question I get is “How much RAE do I get?”

Wanting to know how RAE earned is determined each time.

Who should hold the next RAE Meet up?