New Community Channel Approval Process - Implementation

Created from this REP Community Vote


There has been controversy over who gets to decide to start a channel that hooks into the RAE. It is time for the process to be straightforward for the community. Although some on the core project team make these decisions in hotly contested manners, those in the community should have a way to overrule them or fast track channels that may be slow walking.

The channel approval process (below) needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Protect the rights of the minority. Creators should not automatically be dismissed because they produce unpopular content or are up and coming.
  • Protect the rights of the majority. Creators should not automatically be accepted if RAE holders vote their content is an inherent risk to critical network distribution channels or is an overall drag on the network’s resources.


Sponsor: The RAE Token Holder that initiates a channel vote by proving they have 25,000 RAE in an address.

Sponsored Channel: The channel that a community member wants to vote to be approved to join RAE as an Approved Channel.

Approved Channels: Any channel that can join RAE.


  1. Any RAE Token holder with 25,000 RAE can be a Sponsor that activates a channel vote. Each Sponsor is voting with their RAE to verify they have a stake in the network and are likelier to have the network’s best interests in mind.
  • A Sponsor should make a pitch for the Sponsored Channel. The pitch should catch community members up quickly to save time with TL;DR information that is content-heavy and includes a) the niche, b) content plan, c) social following/impact, and d) any other valuable metrics.
  • The Sponsored Channel should have a process to indicate their interest before a vote, should the vote be successful. This signal will evolve as the community gets more experience. An initial idea is the Sponsored Channel verifies they are a RAE holder [^SC note].
  1. The Sponsored Channel will come up to vote on the second Wednesday of every month. All Sponsored Channels to come up for a vote must have their sponsorship before midnight EST on the second Monday of every month.
  2. A Sponsored Channel will be approved to join RAE if it gets a minimum of 150,000 RAE YAY Votes and no greater than 3x the NAY votes compared to RAE YAY votes.
  • For example, if a Sponsored Channel receives 200,000 YAY votes, then the NAYs would need at least 600,000 NAY votes to overrule the YAY votes. In this example, If there are only 550,000 NAY votes, that channel automatically becomes an Approved Channel.
  1. Upon passing, a Sponsored Channel becomes an Approved Channel and will automatically be credentialed within 48 hours.